Q: Can press ons be applied with glue?

A: Yes, they can be applied with glue for an approximately 1- 2 week wear or can be applied with nail adhesive stickers for 1-2 day wear.

Q: Are the press ons reusable?

A: Yes, they are reusable with glue or adhesive stickers.

Q: How do I place a order a custom order?

A: Text me with the following information.

• Please include your name, nail shape, length, color, ideas, 

•A picture of your hands for correct finger nail sizing. 

• Please state if this is a local order or out of state.

•$15 deposit is required to place an order 

Q: How long does a custom order take?

A: Custom orders take 2-3 weeks

Q: Will there be press on sets for sale without placing a custom order?

A: Yes, I have a variety sets for sale on the website in small, medium and large size. Sets are available for pick up at Sola Salon Suite 20

Q: How do I apply them?

A: There is an instructor guide included your press on kit. 

Q: How do I know what size my fingers are?

A: if you are unsure of your finger size, please email a front view picture of your nails nailsbylanni@icloud.com. All emails will be responded to within 24 hours. 

Q: Does Press’d by Lanni ship?

A: Yes, Press’d by Lanni does ship in the U.S. shipping is $7 

Q: What if I lose a nail?

A: An individual press on can be replaced for $3 each 

Q: Return policy

A: press on sets can be exchanged if unworn or damaged. No cash refund